Nov 2009 17

honking is usually done by males AND females age 18-25. they grew up with an attention span of 3 seconds. with everyone multitasking and technology making things instantaneous, any time frame longer than 3 seconds is too much for this new generation. they honk because they cannot wait- AT ALL. the whole world revolves around them because their parents never taught them any values because they were too busy spoiling them. If you get honked by one of these kids, consider yourself lucky that they didn't kill you with their car while texting on their cell phone.

[by Non-Honker on Thu November 19, 2009 12:59:31 pm]
You must be on the East Coast! Didn't you know? That's how we say "Hello!" You should take it as a compliment. Hahaha.

[by honker on Mon November 23, 2009 03:12:34 pm]
Who's more selfish: The person sitting at the light texting, or the person behind them honking? I'd say the ding-dong not paying attention while driving.

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