Nov 2009 02

Met a guy online, everything was going great, really good friends and all. He starts talking about wanting to meet me, I tell him I am too old for him (I am 40's, he is 20's). He says he has always been so good to his gf's and they have always done him so bad, I really like him and think he is nice. He keeps asking for a pic, so I finally break down and send him one. I am in my 40's, and have always made that plain. I do not look my age, but I am not a glamour girl either. Now he will not even speak to me, has made his myspace private, etc. I tried to talk to him a couple times with no response, so my feelings are totally hurt (I am not too old for that!) Basically now I can see why his gf's dumped on him, and I hate it for him. Someday he will be older and will see exactly what it is like to be shunned/whatever this is. I am on a big time pity party now, afraid to talk to anyone else or show them my pic. I have never lacked a date, am presentable, but have a great personality (so I have been told). This is the first time anything like this has happened to me and I am basically crushed.

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