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May 2012 28
mistake  (1175 views)

i have a problem with feeling wanted. whenever i do, i tend to do alotttttt more for that person just because i feel desire from them toward  more...

Apr 2012 27
birthday soon  (1313 views)

hm, my birthday's coming up. i don't know if i should change my settings on facebook to let people write on my wall. i wonder   more...

Mar 2012 18
515  (1185 views)

I have 515 "friends." I only really talk to or hang out with a few. I don't usually accept strangers. F**k, my life suc  more...

Mar 2012 07
Syncing bookmarks  (1188 views)

I wish on the BlackBerry PlayBook you could sync bookmarks in the browser with your normal computer, like Google Chrome. :)

Jan 2012 09
Personal  (1209 views)

In all honesty, I am not the type of person to easily share my life story with others. Often I am discreet, subtle, and secretive with posti  more...

Dec 2011 04
Sometimes I wonder..  (1191 views)

I don't mean to sound "shallow" or "self-centered," but sometimes I wonder if guys think about me or talk about me. I wo  more...

Nov 2011 22

Over summer break, I barely saw you; your parents kept you indoors, or only allowed you to do certain activities of which they approved of.   more...

Sep 2011 26

i've been needing a blog outlet since i've been slowing down my use of myspace.. since i got married and moved overseas, i've be  more...

Aug 2011 20
** REMOVED **  (1555 views)

Removed due to being in violation of site's policies.

** updated 2011-10-31 13:34 PST **

Aug 2011 19

I'm a 16 year old girl. And I don't even know what gender I like. When i was about 4 years old and my older sister was 6 years old s  more...

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