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Sep 2009 04

can it get any worse? no friends.... no family.... give me a reason not too...

Sep 2009 04

I'm afraid to sleep sometimes. Not because I'm afraid something will happen, or I'm afraid I'll miss something. I'm just afraid to sleep and  more...

Sep 2009 03
I'm lonely...  (1646 views)

Again.. spending xmas alone. Only emails are emails to myself and subscribed newletters. Why do I want to be alone? World sucks for me...  more...

Sep 2009 01
Depressed  (1342 views)

While everyone is so busy caring about their own issues, I don't think anyone realizes. Or maybe they just don't care.

Aug 2009 25

Found out I'm good for nothing... too late for everything... don't mean much to anyone.... wondering why am I still here?

Aug 2009 15

I tell people that I don't like my Hoboken-like town, but I really do like it. Is it shameful to enjoy the bordering-on-suburban life? Alth  more...

Aug 2009 15

what can one do? what must one do to make the past be the past?

May 2009 27

Here's a dirty little secret about All-Tel. If a customer is late with payments, All-Tel will start calling and harrassing other people with  more...

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