May 2013 13

Even though I didn't mean to generalize all blondes when I said it, I'm feeling guilty about a comment I made yesterday at the airport. A flight attendant who was skinny, pretty and obviously flaunted it, was rude and purposely skipped our entire row when passing out drinks. While I didn't really want one, I felt jilted not being asked and even more upset at the fact the rest of my row had to call back another flight attendant to ask for drinks. When venting about it later, I referred to her as the dumb blonde flight attendant. The other two attendants were actually blonde as well, and were quite nice and hard-working, but that's what came out of my mouth when I described her. I'm feeling a bit guilty at the stereotype I used, and even more so, that a complete stranger heard it. (He was a brunette male that I didn't see sitting with his back to us) Although I'm sure he didn't care or probably didn't even hear it, I still feel guilty about it and am sorry - not to her, but to all other blondes that I lumped her with. I should have just called her a "skinny b*tch" :)

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