Nov 2014 23

Jeez! More Olmstead family excitement. They just cannot stay out of bed --and when they are in bed they rarely use a condom!
Andrew James (A.J.) Olmstead of Staten Island, NY met Ri on January 11, 2014. They got married April 25, 2014. Their baby, Emma, is due October 26, 2014. Phew! Why didn't they use a condom? Illegitimacy surely runs in the Olmstead family. A.J. is a fireman but does not know what SAFETY means. ha ha
A.J.'s sister, Allison Kim Olmstead Cress, became preggie out of wedlock at age 17, by Alexander Guidice, a NYC Sanit worker. They named the kid Alex Guidice, aka Diceman. He was born in September 1989.
A.J.'s mother, Susan Mangano Olmstead Esposito had an abortion when she was a teen, thanks to her boyfriend, Steve. (He then faded out of sight--smart of him) At the time she and her mother flew down to Puerto Rico for the abortion.

[by Anon on Wed December 31, 2014 09:34:43 pm]
Good guess that Allison Olmstead Cress and her sister Heather Olmstead and their mother Susan Mangano Olmstead Esposito are only good at researching facts relevant to getting--aka stealing--the most one can get from the U.S. government, department stores, a nursing home, electronic stores, etc.
Is mother Susan still getting S.S.I., which began back in the early 1990s? Yes, she was carjacked and said she got panic attacks and she played that to the hilt--but that did not stop her from driving from Staten Island to Long Island shortly thereafter!
Allison declared bankruptcy in 2004 while her MONTHLY income at that time was $4,315--which included $1,600 "boyfriend's contribution" toward her illegitimate son Alexander Guidice. Why did she lease a Hummer AND a Mercedes when she was already financing a Nissan Altima? Merely for the fun of it?
Allison's older sister, Heather Ann Olmstead, wins the prize for larceny, in my opinion. She declared bankruptcy three times--in 2009, 2010, and 2011 (three Bankruptcy Petitions)--she did not give in until it was ultimately Discharged in 2011--when she finally won. Her employment income in 2009 was $99,215, in 2010 it was $105,064, and in 2011 it was $37,719. And that does not include the rent she received from a home she owns in St. James, NY as she continues to live at 3716 Avenue S in Brooklyn NY, nor the disability she receives from the NYPD (69th pct?). To cite some Credit Card Claims: Amer. Expr. $3,190--HSBC $3,585--Best Buy $4,046...then there's Golden Gate Health Care Facility in Staten Isl...on and on goes the shameful Claims list.
Yes, sisters Allison and Heather, and mother Susan Olmstead Esposito are three decayed, worthless, socially impaired freeloading con artists, in my opinion.
I'd like to tell you what Heather's grandmother Emma said, more than once, referring to Heather's boyfriends, but I'd be called a racist. (Sure wish her words were taped!)
(The monetary facts can be verified at U.S. Bankruptcy Ct., Eastern District of NY, Brooklyn, NY)

[by Ann on Sun March 22, 2015 02:07:11 pm]
I wonder if (A.J.) Andrew James' wife Ri has ever seen long-ago photographs of her husband BEFORE he had a rhinoplasty (nose job). He was quite young when he got his much-needed nose job.

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