Oct 2011 11

sooo many questions very few answers. I like my life good friends great family & a wonderful girlfriend. Even with all this i really have no one who i can just tell absolutely everything to. Though i feel like i need this person. never once in my life have i just spilled everything out to someone..i feel as if i shouldn't or more so i don't want to. I feel as if i should keep everything bottled up, but always hear that's the wrong thing to do. I don't know too much about too much, but always feel like i know enough(if that made sense lol.) i feel very distant from the world but very close to my loved ones. I'm a very blunt person, i say what's on my mind & how i really feel about a certain situation & am not (or try not to be.) very rude or ignorant when doing so. i feel as if all i need is someone to talk to i guess... i don't know who though. i do know that i don't want it to be my parents or brothers or even my best friend. someone help!!!!?????

[by Anon on Thu October 20, 2011 01:04:12 pm]
I totally feel just like you. Can't tell too much either because it is not safe, or people don't care, or they don't understand. I resort to private journal, jotting my thoughts in password protected files. It helps me release the feelings and in retrospection understand myself more.

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