Oct 2013 12

Yesterday, a very kind woman gave me and my family $20. We were at the Wells Fargo inside Safeway. We were having trouble with the teller and she must have overheard our story. We were waiting for a check to clear that we deposited the day before and it hadn't. We had no money for gas. We left somewhat upset. My sons shoe fell off and my daughters blanket fell off of her carrier as we were exiting the store. A worker returned the blanket and the kind woman followed us to our car. She surprised us as we were about to leave and she gave our sons shoe to us. She then gave us a $20 bill and told us that Wells Fargo can really be rough sometimes. My husband gave her a hug and I was crying. We were totally caught off guard! It's amazing that in times like this to find someone with such a big heart.

We've been thinking about you since then. If you are this woman please email me. I want to thank you again. We don't even know your name. My husband and I have been going out of our way to do kind things for other people because of you. Thank you so much, sweet woman!

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