Made by people whom needed to vent and even confess.

No question getting it off of your chest whether the world hears it or not. It can reduce stress and anguish that can linger for days, weeks or even years. was designed to provide you with that outlet.

We're not here to track or judge you, it's just a place where you can anonymously vent your way to relief and maybe even get support from friendlies.

Terms of Service

Who's listening?  Anyone that stops by of course but this is also fed into

Will anyone know it's you?
Unless you explicitly put your name in your post, which we suggest you do not do as well as anyone else's. If you submitted your email during your post, that email will not appear anywhere on the site. It's only used if you wanted to get notified of an update.

Can I be tracked?
People reading your post can't track you. However, we, the provider of this service, do have a record of your post but we will NOT use that information to solicit or distribute in any form. (please see Terms of Service for full disclosure)

How long will the posts be on the site?
As long as the site stays up, which will hopefully be forever. Unless you delete it yourself. Once deleted, it's totally completely gone.

Rules??!!!? Are you serious? I'm trying to vent here....

Well, there are some limits to what we can post although it is your "private" vent.  It's in a very public place so there are some "Rules of Engagement" for public consumption.

  • Talk about suicides are not permitted. If so PLEASE make an effort to organizations that can help
  • Absolutely NO hatred against race, color, creed, gender or sexual orientation will be tolerated.
  • No defamation...period. Rant Vent but no lying.
  • If you must vent, confess or share a secret regarding a person. Do not post their full name.  Use either first name or an alias' No surname, ie last name.   Even venting and raging mad...there must be some level of civility.
  • All curse words will be masked..
  • Re-read your post before pressing the submit button. Most likely than not,
    there is going to be a lot that you probably didn't want to say...just a suggestion :)

Other ways for relief you may want to try....

  • Scream at the TOP of your lungs into a towel.
  • Walk in sunlight without sunglasses.
  • Aerobic activities such as biking, hiking, running, tennis etc..
  • Friends even strangers, strike up a conversation,
    you'll be surprise how many will listen.

We also like for you to consider the following available services FREE and in some cases with FULL anonymity. This is not a laughing matter. Please seek help even if you feel nothing can be done.. because there is always a way.

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